Stand by me – Ben E KingĀ  When the night has come And the land is dark And the moon is the only light we’ll see No, I won’t be afraid Oh, I won’t be afraid Just as long as you stand Stand by me So darlin’, darlin’ Stand by me, oh, stand by me […]

Analyse how language features were used to create a vivid setting- In the text the use of colour imagery really set the settings and moods for a lot of the book i believe, for example i can see from colour imagery the colour red and black for me sets the vivid setting the first one […]

The way death uses the colours he sees that colour as an emotion or thing and turns that into a greater meaning than just a colour black you would think is depression and death red maybe anger or love blue maybe sadness or cold orange could be fire or warmth yellow could be sunlight and […]

How is the idea of “exposure” (being dangerously exposed to the natural elements/weather) represented in the poem? and how is the weather represented as the enemy? the poem by Wilfred Owen in the title exposure…. the word exposure means the state of having no protection from something harmful for example in the poem “our brains […]

Maturation of Liesel Meminger in “The book thief” if i was to think of someone who stole books id imagine them to look like? stereotypically i would think either a dodgy looking person who regularly steals things or a book worm person who wears glasses and wears typical librarian clothing. i would think this person […]

Task oneĀ  What has been included? The use of description has been included using descriptive words like shires, pallor, demented, mockeries etc. to describe the scene he’s trying to show us through his writing showing us the brutality of war. A meaning has been used to the poem in the first paragraph of the poem […]

The character Rudy Steiner is a friendly young boy who clearly admires Liesel as soon as he sees her i can tell by his actions he is a confident boy who cares for her and would do almost anything due to his admiration towards her he protects her in any what that he knows how. […]

Speak – By Laurie Halse Anderson Speak is a young adults novel about a freshman called Melinda Sordino who once had friends but that changed after she was invited to a party with all her friends and was raped and after that she called the police frozen for words she didn’t speak but the police […]

Characterisation in the Book Thief Hans- The character Hans Hubermann is a gentle big hearted man Hans and his wife Rosa don’t particularly get along Rosa is mean to him but apart from that there relationship is definitely not a happy marriage but deep down Hans loves Rosa and cares for her a lot more […]

Death is portrayed as death and the job of death is to collect the souls of the dead, but you would think he enjoys taking the lives of innocent people because of the evil behind deaths name. But in the text death does not believe the people he takes away deserve to die he second […]