Analyse how language features were used to create a vivid setting- In the text the use of colour imagery really set the settings and moods for a lot of the book i believe, for example i can see from colour imagery the colour red and black for me sets the vivid setting the first one is the burning of the books on Himmel street for Hitler’s birthday red represents the Nazi flag copied and pasted on almost every inch of Himmel street which to me is also power overruled over the less fortunate the Jews and who ever didn’t follow behind Hitler’s even move because the Nazi flag or red is such an empowering colour (just how its used on stop signs the colour is used for a reason being the colour people notice), i also think of blood how the books and all the history before Hitler’s time hes trying to kill history its almost murder and when i think of murder i think of the blood of the people before and the people lower then Hitler i think of blood spillage. and the colour black makes me think of the night and evil the darkness to me represents a type of evil,

death is also a black like character who you would think is Macabre- grim, negative, dark or sinister tone over the writing i vividly think of a man or ghost type entity in black robes or a black cloak floating



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