Goodbye Christopher Robin film – directed by Simon Curtis

A true story that exposes the relationships between the writer/creator of the worldwide story of Winnie the Pooh A. A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin Milne but generally call “Billy Moon” and the way their world is swept into fame and popularity. And when this happens poor little Christopher is hurt because Winnie the Pooh and his friends were the special things he held close to his heart and now its apart of the world where his fantasy world is now shared and exposed to other children. When A. A. Milne AKA Blues wife Daphne leaves town to help her sick mother Blue is left with the care of little Christopher and takes him out on walks in the woods by their house and makes up little stories about Christopher and his stuffed animals. Eventually Blue invites his friend who is an illustrator named Ernest to his house and from then on they begin to develop the tale of Winnie the poohs adventures. One it was announced and published to the world little Christopher is often asked to appear in public so I guess you could say promote the book he begins to find this confusing, annoying and frustrating. Eventually Blue and Daphne realize what effect this is putting on billy moon and they decide to stop writing and publicising billy and decide to send him to a boarding school this then leads to him being a target at school which alienates the boy into hating the stories of Winnie the Pooh and his father, when WW2 breaks out billy moon wants to join the army Blue does not want this but allows him to go creating billy moon to turn his back on his father, the books and the money from them. later on in the film, Blue and Daphne are told Billy Moon is reported missing and is presumed dead, it turned out he was alive as he wanders up to the old house he once lived in crying as he is reunited with his parents and childhood in the end, they walk through the woods together Blue and Christopher Robin, showing Billy as both a young child and young man as it ends.

Response- Personally I grew up around the tales and wonderful world that is Winnie the Pooh it was every child’s dream come true a boy and his stuffed animals come to life what kid wouldn’t want to know this story growing up not just the books but the cartoon films? and not to mention who didn’t hear of this story as a child? because it is still such a popular tale it’s rare to find a person who has not heard of Winnie the Pooh. I personally believe Billy Moon had a hard childhood at such a young age he was thrown into a world of popularity and everyone wanting his time, I don’t believe this is good for a child it must have been overwhelming for him, is this what he wanted to come out of the stories of Winnie the Pooh? no, I don’t think he wanted fame he just wanted his toys and his special story, his father, and the woods.

The quote” Well… you see, after the war, there was so much sadness… that hardly anyone could remember what happiness was like. Then Winnie the Pooh came along and he was like a tap. You just turned it on and happiness came out.” From this quote, I believe A.A Milne had good intentions when writing this book I don’t believe he knew the story would travel to the whole world, I also don’t believe he thought it would effect Billy Moon and his relationship negatively even when little Billy was grown up, I personally believe writing a book that cheered up the word after a war would have been such a heartwarming thing for all the “sadness” around. I personally think if someone I knew was in a time of sadness and there was something I could do to make someone happier I would do so.

The quote “Christopher Robin: Why does everyone like Winnie the Pooh so much? He’s my bear. Why don’t they get their own bears?”
this quote shows me that Billy moon was a sad child his favorite bear being exposed along with himself to the whole world I know personally if I where a child with the same situation I felt have felt sad, overwhelmed and even used I wouldn’t want anyone else having the same bear as me I had a teddy bear as a child his name was Bob I loved my bear so much and I would feel heartbroken if everyone else had him so I believe my bear wouldn’t feel and be as special to me as he should I believe this is how Billy moon would feel to about Winnie the Pooh.

The quote “Christopher Robin: When we were under fire, one of the men started to sing one of the songs of Pooh— He’d changed the words a bit. When they were singing, they were all remembering home and a hearth… You reminded them what was good in the world.” This quote makes me think that Even through the darkest of times while Billy Moon went to war Winnie the poohs story was there and people held onto that story to bring happiness to a morbid situation, this shows me how Winnie the Poohs story impacted the world I think Billy Moon was happy for his father in a way the reminding what was good in the world Winnie the pooh is good but to Billy Moon it may not have been it ruined his childhood but I believe he knows it did good to people in the world. I do wonder if Billy Moon could go back in time and stop his father from publishing the book would he rather his childhood happiness back or happiness to a whole world and a sadness for one boy, himself…? I personally think I would allow publication to the world if it brought happiness but also I would just want my story to stay my story its like when someone tells a  secret of mine to someone and they tell someone they’re not supposed to I would feel sad like it has been exposed to someone I didn’t want knowing I would feel angry and upset I have experienced this before and I think this is what it must have felt like for Billy Moon.

The quote “Christopher Robin: Those days, just the two of us, were the happiest I’ve ever known.
Blue: You asked me to write a book.
Christopher Robin: A book for me, not about me. … And then you sold them” This shows me how sad I think Billy Moon really is about the events in his life that have happened, this quote makes me sad it makes me wish I could turn back time and give Billy Moon what he wanted its out of my power but if I could I would want him to be happy, but I am in a way happy the story of Winnie the Pooh was exposed to the world because of all the happiness it gave to the world I  know Winnie the Pooh made me a happy child even when I was sad, I even watch it now as a 17-year-old teenager I watch the old Winnie the Pooh and the modernised one I still enjoy it and it still brings me happiness through  my childhood. I to would be hurt if I was Billy Moon I really feel for him as I feel his childhood was ruined but in the end, he came back home and saw his parents all was good as they walked through the woods together. I feel happy and sad about this film I think everything turned out ok for Billy Moon he saw the truth in why A. A Milne published the story when he went to war and the men sang he saw the beauty in everything after that.

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