11th May 2018

Characterisation of Death

Death is portrayed as death and the job of death is to collect the souls of the dead, but you would think he enjoys taking the lives of innocent people because of the evil behind deaths name. But in the text death does not believe the people he takes away deserve to die he second guesses the way the world has caused their deaths.

the story has made deaths soul snatching in the term of a “job” making me think of a humans job as if death has been made into a human Character also being the narrator of the story as he is observing the life of Hans, Rosa and Liesel usually a normal person would narrate rather than death…

I believe this when he says “Did they deserve any better, these people? How many had actively persecuted others, high on the scent of Hitler’s gaze, repeating his sentences, his paragraphs, his opus? Was Rosa Hubermann responsible? The hider of a Jew? Or Hans? Did they all deserve to die? The children?”
Death,  he questions himself about Hitlers ways on German men (Nazis) killing innocent Jews “actively prosecuted others” not having a choice but to kill or be killed if you didn’t obey Hitler. “high on the scent of Hitler’s gaze”…

he also questions “did they deserve to die? the children?” he uses a rhetorical question against himself he contradicts what’s happened as if he is resilient to taking away the lives of innocent children caught up in a war of empowerment over the less inportant.


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