21st June 2018

Liesel Meminger

Maturation of Liesel Meminger in “The book thief”

if i was to think of someone who stole books id imagine them to look like? stereotypically i would think either a dodgy looking person who regularly steals things or a book worm person who wears glasses and wears typical librarian clothing. i would think this person is wants the book out of curiosity, maybe they cant effort it and the easiest thing is to take it. i don’t think stealing books is a bad thing if they are wanting to read it but yes its bad to take things without it being legal and right but its a lot less dramatic then taking someone of much more expense. If i looked at the physical look of Liesel Meminger i would think of a pretty delicate but vulnerable looking person who i would think helps out a lot and does what is is told and never disobedient, or she would be the teachers pet or the star favourite child.

Early on in the text

I think Liesels early childhood experiences would have effected her greatly and shaped her into the person she is i think the death of her brother brought great sadness to her as im sure a loved ones death would effect anyone, it would have made her strong and built her mentality for the upcoming deaths of everyone else she kept close to her heart. If her brother never died and her mother never abandoned her i think her reaction to  situations would have happened differently and would have let herself be pushed around by people higher up then her. She now stands up for herself if someone at school puts her down as how she beat up the boy who was saying mean things i think if she never experienced the things she did she would have taken the abuse and possibly dwelled on it or just move on. She’s a lot strong then she looks she does not take crap from anyone her character was maybe visually placed as this shy little girl the looks weak but then the writer contrasts her visual representation with her experiences building the character to be greater then possible she is. Beyond the story i think Liesel will carry a Burdon of the loss she had it will always follow her, i believe a lot of things will be hard for Liesel finding a place in the world after everyone who loved her died, i do wonder what happened after did she get taken away by the Nazi’s? did she get adopted again is another place? did she live on the streets or find help? we don’t know what happens but Liesel will learn and developed from the great tragedies in her life time im sure there is still more to come in her young life which i don’t think she deserves but thats just how it is sometimes unfortunately. She thinks her mother was taken away by the Germans this leaves Liesel with trust issues i believe, she doesn’t even open up to Rudy her best friend about things her closest person to her is either Max or Hans i think it may be a coincidence they are both male characters because her mother was taken away for believing in her own truth any maybe she felt like a male figure was safer than a female? (she experienced something like this maybe because the writer wanted to make a comparison between max and Liesels life to make a Jews life worse even if he didn’t experience thing like Liesel did it show how his life is worse just for being born a jew which is true being a jew was the worst thing in Hiters spotlight.)

Life on Himmel Street 

I think the books and words have a greater meaning then most people would first think, we may just see words on a page but Liesel sees more than that, its a new world to her maybe an escape from her own? She knows words can be used for good and evil her language develops over the years she learn what things are i like how her and Rudy say the mean words that rose and Hans say to each other they say it as a joke but i like how that took the mean words of other and turned it around to be a funny thing. The people close to her speak good words like Hans and Rudy Rosa has bad words but not like the Nazi and Hitler speaks the words of evil the bully that teased Liesel says mean words.

Rudy Steiner 

Rudy Steiner is basically Liesels protector and best friend although their relationship dose not develop in a romantic way they act like a married couple to me partners in crime,best friends, they do a lot together almost every time





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