The character Rudy Steiner is a friendly young boy who clearly admires Liesel as soon as he sees her i can tell by his actions he is a confident boy who cares for her and would do almost anything due to his admiration towards her he protects her in any what that he knows how. Rudy is apart of the Hitler youth and is an athletic boy who basically wants to be jesse Owens the fastest man alive Rudy’s idol, he is strong willed and in saying that Rudy covers himself in charcoal “lathered on” so not an inch of his skin was white he was no longer a white blonde hair and blue eyed safe looking boy he was temporarily something that would not be accepted by many in Hitler’s world.

Rudy was so driven to do well and balance school efforts along with the efforts of Hitler’s youth and his relationship(s) with Liesel, he is an important character being associated as Liesels best friend, partner in crime and protector. Being in Hitler youth and winning in races he participated in caught attention of authorities causing him to be selected for a special school the elite Nazi school his parents try change the authorities minds and in exchange Rudy’s dad goes to war, although its not Rudy’s fault he was chosen he knows hes a cleaver boy that has a lot of potential i dislike how this is cut short from him when Himmel street is bombed and he is killed i wonder what Rudy would have become if he was never killed.

Rudy and Liesel grow and mature together they are best friends from what i view Rudy’s death must have been one of the most painful things to happen in her life along with her brother and Hans and Rosa’s passing’s.

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